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6 degrees of Ian Mackaye

Wednesday, February 09, 2005
...its almost like the Kevin Bacon game.

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Britney's Preggers!
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Bitchy Cat Blues?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
I just found this blog, and boy does it remind me why I'm glad I just live with a bitchy cat...
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Wish I'd known this before I installed

So Kazaa is on trial in Aussieland, however, slashdot has a review of some of the documents released to the public. While it by no means proves that aliens exist or that the moon landing was faked, it does not that employees of Kazaa's parent company hated the product. Oops. Along with a lot of other things that you probably shouldn't mention in a business plan.
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Peter Karrie Did Something to this lady..

Friday, January 28, 2005
And boy is she pissed!

And people wonder why I spend so much time in CHUD.

So evidently, it's not just at CHUD. We just gave her the hardest time. She's posted tons of places which you can reference in the thread.

Large scale prank or clueless wierdo OR insane person?

Maybe we'll never know about olivemarie....(sigh)
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Cats are Evil. News at 11.

This article finally explains for me one and for all why the cat drinks out of the toilet, wakes me up at 6 am, doesn't listen, whines to go outside AND steals my pens. If that weren't enough....evidently she's working for Satan.
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Civ 5 this fall!

i just peed myself.

Representatives from Take-Two have announced that the company has purchased 'certain rights' to the Civilization franchise, and signed a long term deal with developer Firaxis.Titles in the Civilization series were last published by Atari, who had previously bought original publisher Microprose, but although it was reported that the company had sold those rights for up to $22.3 million, it was not known who had acquired them until now. Take-Two will be allowing development duties on the new sequel to continue at Firaxis, the company headed by the series’ creator Sid Meier.Sid Meier’s Civilization IV will be published for PC in late 2005 by Take-Two’s newly announced publishing label 2K Games, with console versions to follow."The Civilization name brings with it an expectation of quality from millions of fans around the world," said Susan Lewis, vice president of publishing for 2K Games. "It is a pleasure to be working with a company like Firaxis that has developers who have proven with every successive title that they are masters of this genre."

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The perils of being a child star

Um, Britney wants to be called "Mona Lisa." Swear to god.
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Jason, You Spend $17,000 on Something Lame, And *POW* Right to the Moon!

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Here's my question, sure, this guy spent $17000 to get a full page ad in a newspapers asking his wife of 17 years to come back, but if you were said wife, wouldn't you be pissed he spent $17,000 of the household budget on an AD?
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In the interest of equal opportunity, I bring you the Razzie noms as well:

Tuesday, January 25, 2005
The Razzie Noms

Sadly, I've SEEN some of these suckers (and I'm not happy about it...ok, just a little). So I thought I'd comment where I could.


ALEXANDER - Seriously, did anyone buy for a second that Colin Ferrell would be capable of conquering Persia? I did buy the part where he drank himself to death and screwed a lot though.


Colin Farrell / ALEXANDER - See above


Hilary Duff / CINDERELLA STORY, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen / NEW YORK MINUTE - Ok, I saw both these movies on Comcast On Demand in the interest of not letting anyone, EVER, know I saw them, except my friendly neighborhood cable-bill compiler. However, for movies that I got on a Friday night when I had nothing else to do, they didn't cause all my brain cells to fall out the back of my neck. Actually, I watched them both twice because you can do that with On Demand.****

****I was also too cheap to get another movie when I couldn't fall asleep.


Halle Berry & EITHER Benjamin Bratt OR Sharon Stone / CATWOMAN - Benjamin Bratt scares the crap out of me.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen / NEW YORK MINUTE - See above

Oliver Stone / ALEXANDER - So I took a class with him in college and he gave me a B+. I still hate most of his movies.

Special “Worst of Our First 25 Years” Awards

WORST ‘DRAMA’ of Our First 25 YEARS

BATTLEFIELD EARTH (2000) - Um, gang, this is the worst MOVIE in 25 years. Worse that Gigli. I saw it because I thought the reviews were so bad it would be funny. It wasn't.

WORST ‘COMEDY’ of Our First 25 YEARS

GIGLI (2003) - see above

SPICE WORLD (1998) - I saw it, I watched it. I owned a Spice Girls book, several outfits and dyed my hair like Ginger Spice. So sue me.

XANADU (1980) - Xandu may suck, but it sucks with Oliva Newton John. That's a special kind of suck.

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The Oscars were nominated...

...or something like that. Since I saw exactly 0% of the films this year (yes, yes yes. TV on DVD strikes a blow for the film community yet again). I'm just going to post a link to Nick's comments from CHUD (in which he color code the nominations) and giggle like a schoolgirl.

Oscar Noms
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My head just exploded

Monday, January 24, 2005
The longest URL killed my blog. Beh.
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This is the only thing I want today

So Mr. Potatoehead is now Darth Potatohead. He is the only thing I want from the soon to be glut of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith movie merchandising. He's so cute I could almost pee a little.
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Evidently, many problems lie in our inability to run.

Friday, January 21, 2005
Seriously, I went to the Focus on the Family website to do a little research, and I found this disturbing article. I realize that the guy probably wanted to say "You shouldn't do something you don't feel comfortable with, nor should anyone make you." (Which is a fine rule of thumb, whatever you're belief) but...seriously:

Setting a TrapIn simple caveman language, “Me man. Me like to hunt. You woman. Me hunt you. When me hunt you, you run fast. If me catch you, game no fun. Me play game with someone else.”
Translation: Guys love to chase. If they capture and conquer everything they hope to, they often get bored and will move on to something or someone else.

Yes. That's the exact turn of phrase one should use when talking to Teenage Girls. Boys are out to trap you.
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Top Wanted Games of '05

Not content to let the "Top Games of '04" rest, Gamespy just finished its week of "Most Wanted of '05." Among the contenders are games I look forward to like, Pyschonauts, KOTOR II for PC , Black and White 2, The Movies, and Jade Empire. However, it makes me kind of sad to see that more than half the PC games listed are ports from consoles. The PC saw some excellent games released this year (including Sid Meier's Pirates!, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Half Life 2) but it still makes me a little glum that there isn't more interesting things going on in the PC world. If there is, shoot me an email and let me know that I'm wrong, wrong wrong.
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Interesting, yet gross.

So evidently, a lab in Manchester has created a technology that lets printers (a type of printer based on ink-jets) compile human skin, to be used for healing wounds, etc.

Yes, its interesting. Yes, it sounds all space agey. But it also sounds a little bit gross.
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